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We just purchased a house with Jackie and it was honestly ALL because of her that we won the bid! We even beat out an all cash offer because the seller and listing agent were so impressed with how clean our offer was, and how strong our communication was (All thanks to Jackie!).
     Jackie was exceptionally communicative throughout our entire home buying process, even going out of her way to walk us through example inspection reports and giving us tips to what the market is currently like and what we needed to do to stay competitive. We followed all of her advice, and it's yet again another reason why our offer ended up being so strong. She also helped us with referrals for a mortgage broker who has been wonderful to work with, as well as an inspector.
     Her knowledge of the markets we were looking in were just so helpful for us too in narrowing down what we were looking for. We were able to purchase a property in only 1.5 months of looking, which shocked me (I was expecting a long and drawn out process). I would highly recommend Jackie and would love to work with her again.


Jackie helped me purchase a home for my parents in 2020, at the very beginning of the pandemic. We loved her, my Asian parents loved her, and a couple years later, my sister and brother-in-law chose Jackie to help them buy a new home as well, and they loved her too.
     So when it was time for me to buy a home with my partner, of course Jackie was our go-to. But life changing opportunities took us away from LA to Sacramento. While my partner and I split time initially between LA and Sacramento,  Jackie continued to advise with patience, kindness, and our best interests at heart, even if that meant making sure we had a different realtor instead of her at our side if we chose to purchase in Sacramento so that we would have the local knowledge we needed to make good decisions.
     Once we were able to finish relocation to Sacramento, we connected with a local realtor to start our home buying journey. I always knew Jackie was exceptional and irreplaceable but now we were confronted with just how exceptional Jackie is. The stark difference we experienced with the realtors in Sacramento was a confirmation of why so many people avoid getting a realtor and have anxiety with the home purchase process:  we did not get the client care we needed or expected; we did not get the education or information we needed to make good decisions; and we honestly felt disrespected. We were constantly asking ourselves, “why didn’t the realtor tell us this?” and found ourselves needing to push our realtor to get questions answered. But even then, what the realtor responded with always fell short of what we actually wanted or needed.
     When we shared our frustrations with her, like a superhero, Jackie swooped in to help us. She helped review our documents, go over questions, let us know what to expect, advised on questions to ask or items to consider.  She also worked some magic and got us a different realtor in Sacramento to make sure we had someone solid with local knowledge to take us through the finish line without issues.
     My partner and I are both client centered professionals who know what good client care looks like. Jackie is goals in this arena. You would be fortunate to land her as your advocate, partner, and trusted guide in one of the biggest purchases you might ever make in your life. Choose wisely!  Meaning, choose Jackie. You will feel spoiled for life and no other realtor will ever make sense to you.


Jackie stands out as the most knowledgeable individual I've encountered in the real estate. What sets her apart is not only her extensive knowledge but, more importantly, her adeptness at active listening, asking pertinent questions, and stepping into challenging conversations while ensuring the protection of her clients. Throughout the entire process, she provides unwavering support, and being available to us at moments notice.
     Jackie's ability to make us, as buyers, feel at ease was invaluable. Serving as our preferred realtor in the LA/SGV areas, she became a trusted guide in our home-buying journey.
     Despite unforeseen career moves leading us to engage a different realtor upon our move to NorCal, Jackie continued to demonstrate her commitment by readily offering her expertise as a resource. Her instrumental role in addressing various questions, interpreting lengthy legal documents, and providing guidance equipped us with the necessary mindset and tools to successfully close on our very first home.
     I firmly believe that the achievement of this milestone wouldn't have been possible without Jackie's pivotal assistance. In the realm of real estate, she stands out as the optimal choice, embodying a rare combination of knowledge, dedication, and unwavering support.


Jackie was patient and supportive throughout a long search process. She had great advice about the local market. She understood the needs of our family and never made us feel pressure or rushed. Jackie did an amazing job finding us a home that fit our budget and space requirements. She helped us negotiate after problems were found during inspection. 


We are so glad Jackie and Stan were by our side through the selling process of the house. After a couple months in this market, we had already given up hope. Jackie and Stan kept pushing through, continued to show the property and kept us in the game. We eventually got a full asking offer and our mindset has shifted some. Jackie and Stan continue to persevere. They were consistent and persistent. They made the escrow process seamless and smooth so we were able to get this done swiftly. Thank you for the wonderful work Jackie and Stan!


We reached out to Jackie without hesitation when we decided to sell our home. As expected, Jackie did an outstanding job in helping us every step of the way for a smooth sale. As a seller, you want an agent who clearly understands your goals as well as someone who is knowledgeable about the market trend to pursue for the best sales possible. Jackie is someone who we knew we can count on for taking the time to achieve both and she did just that for our home. We cannot thank Jackie enough for helping us with closing on a great sale. If you want someone you can trust and go to bat to help you achieve your goals, Jackie is your person!


If you're hunting for a home in LA, Jackie is your go-to. First-time buying? Like me? She’s got your back. Jackie knows LA's neighborhoods like the back of her hand, offering sharp insights that only a seasoned pro can. She has an ability to spot the nuances in every property, guiding you through the maze with finesse. Pointing out areas that need updating, the costs, and the risks. She walked us through all of the documentations needed to make offers so that I can tackle it head on. What I truly appreciated? Her genuine advocacy. Jackie's not just checking boxes; she's in your corner, negotiating fiercely, and providing advice that landed us the perfect home. And her connections? Top-notch. She even had a prior acquaintance with my home loan lender - talk about being plugged in. Bottom line: If you're diving into the LA real estate whirlwind, team up with Jackie. Trust me, she's the ally you want. Would I recommend her? In a heartbeat.


I highly recommend using Jackie as your realtor. As first time home buyers, we were grateful for Jackie’s patience, responsiveness, and willingness to explain everything to us every step of the way. Her proactive work ethic helped us stand out amongst other offers and her communication throughout the whole process helped us close on our dream home in a competitive market. We’re so thankful we chose to work with Jackie!



Exceptional experience working with Jackie! Very grateful to have a superstar agent on our side to help us achieve our real estate goals. Jackie’s great communication skills, her ability to “read” the room and adjust to her audience while executing our words into tangible results are reasons why we believe Jackie is a superstar. She went above and beyond her duties this time by working with the selling agent in his native language, to help us gain the necessary relationship to close this deal.

Arigatou Gozaimasu Jackie-San!
Once again, she used her “Jackie’s Magic” to help us avoid multiple counter offers and to work through additional requests from us.
Thank you so much Jackie! We really appreciate all your help. Anyone who needs an agent to help achieve their real estate goals, give Jackie a call!


I have known and worked with Jackie for years, I have long admired her ability to get things done with efficiency, creativity, and grace. This is the first time I sold a house with her. I am so glad Jackie was willing to help us sell our family home after both our parents passed away. It was emotionally challenging to clean out decades of stuff while grieving. I wanted to throw in the towel and try to sell the house with all the stuff as an added grab bag bonus. Luckily, Jackie had a plan and a team of folks who helped clean, fix, and stage the house for broad appeal. My siblings and I had a wonderful experience with Jackie as our realtor. She was knowledgeable and responsive throughout the process. Jackie's proactive approach answered all our questions before we even had a chance to ask. She prepped us for the multiple offers we received. Her marketing strategies, negotiation skills, and attention to detail made the process easy for us. When you're ready to buy or sell, call Jackie!


I highly recommend Jackie as a real estate agent. She is truly the real deal. Jackie is knowledgeable about the latest and most effective practices in selling homes, ensuring that you get the maximum value for your property. Her responsiveness is outstanding, and her company offers a white glove service that takes care of everything, including the heavy lifting. This was a lifesaver for me, as my schedule is hectic and unpredictable. I truly appreciated the convenience. What sets Jackie apart is her solid and vetted team, which includes experienced, reliable, and cost-effective contractors. They worked seamlessly together to handle all aspects of the selling process. All I needed to do was respond promptly and follow instructions, and Jackie took care of the rest. This level of support exceeded my expectations. Before working with Jackie, I used to believe that all agents were more or less the same. However, she has proven that some agents truly stand above the rest. I have already recommended Jackie to my close group of friends, and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again. I look forward to continuing to work with Jackie and her company, as they made what could have been a painful process much easier than I anticipated.



Jackie gave us her undivided attention. She arrived on time or early at all viewings, gave us informed opinions on the properties we visited, and educated herself on comparable listings in advance of viewings. She worked directly with our preferred lender and never relented when small issues arose during escrow. She dealt well with my sometimes direct style of communication, maintaining professionalism in the face of my attorney laden monotone questions and statements. Through the end including giving us our keys I felt well cared for and I would happily recommend her to my friends, colleagues, and family.



Jackie helped me renovate, list, and lease out our family home at a very difficult time (see my previous review) and for nearly a year, has been managing the property: interfacing with the tenants, managing any repairs, etc. I've been completely hands off and have fully entrusted Jackie with the care of the home. I am so grateful for her and would totally recommend her without hesitation.


Just closed escrow on a home with Jackie Lee from eXp Realty. The home was in a trust and right from the beginning Jackie Lee and her staff were very professional and knowledgeable – from marketing strategies and property presentation, to negotiating with agents and potential buyers always keeping our best interest first. Jackie kept us informed throughout the process, answered all our questions promptly and even helped us navigate issues that arose even though they may have been out of her purview. I highly recommend Jackie Lee to handle any real estate matters on your behalf.


TLDR: Jackie is the BEST.

As a first time home buyer (older millennial here), I came from a long history of renting and alot of inexperience regarding what to look for regarding home ownership. Jackie was absolutely terrific in not only looking out for me during the search for the homes, but also explaining every bit of the process and details that came along every step of the way. She has a plethora of experience and insight to the costs of upkeep and renovations that gave me a realistic look at what the costs of ownership and upkeep would be on some of the homes we looked at. She genuinely cares about her clients and honestly her insight from searching, to bidding, to buying and closing really helped ease my mind during the most stressful bits of the process. There was never a moment during the process where I felt that there was a lack of communication, and she was great at keeping me updated as to where we were.

We're about to close this week and suffice to say I could not be more happy with how everything ended up. Working with Jackie has been like working with a good friend, you know she has your back and you can trust her all throughout the way.


I found Jackie through a Google search, read amazing reviews speaking to her professionalism, knowledge, and compassionate nature and found all those things completely true in selling our condo. She guided us through the process and made sure we understood every step, it was truly an education about the buying and selling process that took me from feeling overwhelmed to excited. She had great communication and would respond right away through call or text keeping us up to date. This condo is large but humble and dated and she treated it with such respect, professionalism and urgency with professional photography and videography along with glossy flyers for the open house. We received many offers after the open house and I believe it came down to her amazing presentation. We went with a competitive cash offer above asking price, that I was very happy with. I was impressed how quickly and tactfully she negotiated a shortened inspection and escrow of 15 days with essentially all contingencies waived. She accompanied the buyer through each inspection during the escrow process as a courtesy to make sure everyone was on the same page and to let them know of any issues. Also, the things that really made me feel comfortable was her memory for small details, like furniture we wanted to save and mentioned one time and listening to my thoughts on what I was willing to spend and making the best of that, no problem. She does the big things, she does the little things, she does 'all the things'- highly recommend.


BEST. REALTOR. EVER. Jackie supported our family as we moved back to Los Angeles from across the country. She found us a home in Pasadena within three weeks of starting our search. She has great connections and recommended stellar mortgage brokers, contractors, etc. for us to interview. We ended up closing our deal in less than 15 days with no hiccups. Jackie and her team are knowledgeable, experienced, great negotiators and super communicative. Highly, highly recommend!


Jackie is a fantastic realtor and I would heartily recommend her if you're in the market for real estate in the Los Angeles area. She's a responsive communicator giving honest, direct feedback and answers to our questions. Efficient and detail oriented both when showing properties and handling the correspondence and strategy involved in making an offer. She made sure we were making informed decisions throughout the purchasing process and worked together with our loan officer and the seller's agent to ensure a smooth transaction. I would gladly engage her services again the next time I find myself in the housing market.


Jackie helped us sell our house and made the process as painless as possible. It was not easy to part with our home of 13 years, especially since we listed it right before the holidays. Jackie helped manage the contractor, cleaner, and stager. She used her design expertise to help us update the home and prepare it for listing. She hosted several open houses and secured multiple offers during an uncertain time in the market. We appreciate that Jackie offered valuable insight while respecting our input. She was never dismissive of our questions and ideas. She attended every showing and was always responsive. During the escrow process, she attended inspections and helped us complete all the paperwork. Having gone through numerous property transactions, we know how messy the process can get and Jackie helped us avoid that. We definitely recommend working with Jackie to sell or buy your home!


Jackie and Stan are the dynamic duo in real estate. They worked diligently throughout the escrow process. They listen to my concerns, provided sound advice and are always open and communicative. We received multiple offers despite the tough market condition. The escrow itself was a rollercoaster; 2 buyers backed out, but we hung in there and continue to work with the backup offers and ultimately accepted an all cash offer $20k over asking! Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Highly recommend.


Jackie and Stan have definitely lived up to their glowing referrals! Before we were even in the market, we had many people tell us about Jackie and Stan and how incredibly they had been in their home buying/selling experience so we knew that we wanted to work with them when we were ready to look for a home.

Once we started chatting with Jackie and Stan we immediately knew why everyone raved about them, they listened to all our thoughts, concerns, requirements and thoroughly wanted to help. Our search wasn’t the fastest or easiest, we didn’t really know exactly where we wanted to be and were open to a lot of ideas in the beginning, but they were patient with us as we started to narrow down our requirements. They never once pressured us to make a move that we weren’t ready for or push us to find the perfect home. We were actually worried that we were so wishy-washy and after talking to them, they assured us that there isn’t any arbitrary timeline they are looking at and we should do what felt right.

Well when we found the house that felt right, we definitely knew it and they were on top of it. They changed their plans to ensure they could be there to see the home with us and within 2-3 days we had put in an offer that got accepted the following day! We were so amazed at how “easy” that seemed, but when we met with the listing agent, they told us that it was all Jackie and Stan. They sent in an offer that was fair across the board and the listing agents just sang them praises about how they were able to make everything work and everything easy on all parties involved.

And throughout our escrow process, Jackie and Stan have been available at all times of day to answer all questions, reach out to any one we needed and give us advice in all areas. It’s been a bit overwhelming for us and a lot more than we expected but they made it as easy as it could be and brought some light and laughter to our long nights in working through it all.

We truly could not have found our dream home and gotten through this arduous process without Jackie and Stan’s guidance and advice. They are truly are experts in the industry and are amazing people to work with.


When my wife and I were in the market for a home in a specific track of our current neighborhood in a seller's market, we realized it wasn't going to be easy. We started putting feelers out to our network and fortunately, a few trusted mutual friends recommended that we chat with Jackie and Stan. Now in thinking about the home buying process, we can safely say working with Jackie and Stan was the single best decision we made. They were integral in landing our home.

Jackie and Stan are incredibly professional, personable and they truly work as your partner from the home search process through closing. They were on-time, communicative and always shared their insights on the home. As all of the other folks have already mentioned here, they are genuinely invested in helping folks find not just any home, but the right home.

It's this last point that stands out to us the most. While most real estate agents will work with clients to look at homes and provide comps, Jackie and Stan really spent the time to understand what we needed from a home and would be honest with us about their feedback. Even if we thought the house hit a lot of the criteria, Jackie would serve as a neutral arbiter to ensure that the home really met all of the criteria. Whereas other agents might be just glad to get an offer in, they take the time to really understand whether doing so was the best decision for us and our goals.

In today's real estate market, it seems like there's a real estate agent around every corner. For us, it was critical that we worked with someone that has a track record and is truly invested in helping us make a large financial decision. Jackie and Stan are authentically good people that genuinely care about their clients for the long-haul. They'll be our agents for all of our future transactions and we cannot recommend Jackie and Stan enough.


When my father passed away suddenly last year, I was left to care for my childhood home but genuinely could not deal with the burden of a house while grieving. I enlisted Jackie to oversee a full renovation of the house to prepare it for lease and once we agreed on a budget, I did not want to make a single decision and left it to Jackie completely. Jackie was incredibly respectful of my situation and treated the home with the utmost care, advocating for us as though it was her own home. She updated me as things progressed and completed the project earlier than expected and negotiated to keep us on budget. Without Jackie’s help, I would have likely just given up the house for sale. We will now be able to keep it in the family and benefit from the longer term gains. I am so grateful to Jackie and her partner Stan for their help and look forward to working with them as our leasing agents.


    My family and I made a decision to move cross country and connected with Jackie to start the home buying process from 3k miles away. It seemed almost impossible to purchase a home during this challenging market for buyers on top of our tight budget. She came highly recommended by someone that had just closed on their first home with her and now I want to pass on the good word. 

From our first phone conversation and throughout, Jackie has been consistent in her professionalism, ultra prompt responses, and thoroughness. She understood our needs, stayed within our budget, and found us a gem. She put together a very strong offer and in combination with her excellent communication skills, she got us an accepted offer. We were so impressed with her vast knowledge in the real estate market and her insightfulness on how to approach certain tricky situations. She went above and beyond - going to open houses without us and sending us videos, setting up appointments and building us a wonderful hardworking team through her great professional network. She made our dreams come true. We would absolutely recommend her to ALL!!


If we could give 10 stars we would!

    Jackie's attention to detail, responsiveness, thoughtfulness and thoroughness are top notch in this stressful and taxing real estate market. We were lucky enough to receive an accepted offer on our first property we pursued and I believe Jackie had everything to do with it. Jackie's ability to network with the seller's agent in a thoughtful and strategic manner certainly pushed our offer over the top, which was not the highest offer they received!

    A top RE agent in a local market can only go so high, unless the team around him/her is also top notch. Jackie's recommendations regarding loans, contractor quotes, and inspections were all very professional and in line with her work ethic. On our behalf, Jackie was able to negotiate a buyer friendly seller concession, where in this seller's market is a bit unheard of.

    I highly recommend Jackie and look forward to working with her on any future projects, be it selling, buying or investing. From the get go, we put our trust into Jackie and we were certainly rewarded by choosing her!


We were so fortunate to be connected with Jackie just as we were planning to sell our home! From our first conversation with her we could tell she was a true professional. As parents of two small children, both of us with full-time jobs, and a home that needed significant work, the stress of preparing for a home sale was enormous. Jackie planned out a detailed timeline with us that made the process as smooth and pain-free as possible. She connected us with cleaners, stagers, and a contractor who together did wonders to our townhouse and brought out its full potential for the listing. Jackie is an excellent communicator and showed great negotiating skills when we were considering offers. During a potentially stressful period during escrow, she worked behind the scenes to find a solution that worked for us all. I would recommend Jackie most highly for her professionalism, prompt and clear communication, and attention to detail throughout all aspects of the sales process. A great agent is hard to find and Jackie is one!


  • I would like to share our positive experienced working with Jackie as our Realtor while listing and selling our house. Overall was amazing and exceeded our expectations.

  • Experience level - Jackie is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about selling in a competitive market. Her recommendations to prepare the house before listing it were great and helped us get the house ready for a successful open house.

  • We receive extremely positive feedback from all open house visitors on the house condition and upgrades. Her guidance on preparing and pricing your house before listing was superb. Jackie and team took the time to talk to all the open house visitors and answer all questions regarding the property.

  • She was extremely prepared for the open house and implemented multiple marketing strategies to attract buyers. She listed the house, had two open house days and we had offers ready to be presented to us in only a week!

  • All her recommendations helped us obtained multiple offers, all well above asking price. She advised us on the potential risks some of the offers presented which helped us decided on which offer to accept.

  • Jackie kept us informed through the selling process and provided status’ updates as soon as she received information. She was always honest of timelines and expectations (even during the weekend).

  • She was representing us during all inspections and walk through, which helped the buyers feel that we (the sellers) care about the house and were doing the best we could to make sure minor issues were taken care of before handing them the keys.

  • Response time and availability -Jackie was always responsive and on top of every process. She sent us reminders to complete documents and always answered questions regarding contract language or processes.

  • She was able to sell the house in a short period and at top price.

  • She was always going above and beyond to make all parties feel at ease.

  • Ethics and Customer Service - Jackie’s interactions with us and other Realtors was extremely professional.

  • She provided a summary of all the offers and that was an excellent way to present overwhelming information in an organized and easy to understand format. She did an excellent job being objective, transparent, and honest about every offer.

  • Her energetic personality and passion for her work helps keep her customers at ease. She is friendly and patient yet focused and driven, made it very easy to work with her and her team.

  • I love that she posts informative videos about different aspects of the real estate market, which helps her followers gain knowledge of the market as well.

  • Jackie and her team will make the entire experience as painless as possible all while providing excellent customer service and support along the way.


  • Jackie is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. Her ability to explain the process of searching, making an offer and purchasing a home made us feel at ease, which is important during a stressful decision.

  • She kept communication open, addressed our concerns and took into consideration our risk tolerance when providing guidance on submitting an offer. This helped us avoid submitting bids for multiple houses; we only submit a bid for a house that we loved, and we got it.

  • Most importantly, she kept us inform of the bid process and status as soon as she received information and was always honest of timelines and expectations (even during the weekend).

  • She negotiated credit for some issues found during the inspection and it was a pleasant surprise, since the term of the house was “as is”.

  • She was always responsive and on top of every process. She sent us reminders to complete documents and was always available to show a property or answer any questions.

  • She booked visits to see properties very fast, sometimes within a few hours.

  • She was always on time and happy to show us properties, even on the weekends. She also researched the properties before we scheduled an appointment to learn more about it and provided us this information ahead of time.

  • Her interaction with us and other Realtors was extremely professional.

  • She didn’t overwhelm us with information, on the contrary, she did an excellent job being objective, transparent, and honest every step of the way.

  • She understands family values, safety, and budgets, which helps her provide accurate guidance while seeking for a home (price range, area, neighborhood, condition of the house, etc.).

  • She has an energetic personality. She is passionate about her work and had our best interest. She is friendly and patient yet focused and driven, made it very easy to work with her and her team.

  • She constantly posts informative videos about different aspects of the real estate market, which helps her followers gain knowledge of the market.


Jackie Lee takes pride in her work and deeply cares about her clients. As first-time home buyers trying to navigate the insanity of the Los Angeles real estate market, my wife and I absolutely loved working with Jackie and feel so lucky that a friend recommended her to us. Jackie is smart, personable, hard-working, and truly on top of her game. She really listened to our wish list for our ideal home, and we quickly knew we were in great hands when every listing she sent us would check all our boxes. When touring houses together, Jackie was amazing at helping us envision how we could best use the space, while also suggesting improvements/renovations we might want to consider. Also, Jackie is very skilled at the delicate art of being tactful while also keeping it real, so you can trust her to offer an honest opinion without making you feel forced one way or the other. We just bought an incredible house that we know will bring us so much joy, and we would never have been able to pull it off without Jackie's expert strategizing and ability to move quickly. Also, she's a walking encyclopedia when it comes to plants, so on your house tours, don’t forget to point at the flowers and greenery and ask, “What’s that?!”


Wonderful experience working with Jackie in finding our first single family home. We are so glad that we had Jackie’s experience, expertise and exceptional knowledge navigating through this seller’s market. Through this journey, Jackie kept us well informed and answered all of our numerous questions. Her recommendations were sound and execution 100%. Ultimately, she made this deal happen and we couldn’t be happier! Not only did she help get our offer accepted, she went above and beyond by getting us repair credit for As Is listing! I called this “Jackie’s magic!”


It's a seller's market here in LA... which means you absolutely need Jackie Lee on your team. With her help (after a year of floundering) we finally bought our dream home... while up against 13 other offers... and coming in 20K *under* their top offer. We even got a credit back for repairs! There's a learning curve to buying a home for the first time, and Jackie patiently guided us through the ropes with killer instincts, quick communication skills, and a deep bench of local real estate wisdom and connections. She never pretends to know something she doesn't, and always tracks down an answer before you even remembered you asked the question. Also, she goes above and beyond for her clients. She even offered to watch our backyard chickens while the new home is being fumigated. I can't get over how lucky we are to have worked with Jackie "will watch your chickens" Lee.


My husband and I had an amazing experience working with Jackie on the selling of our home. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and meticulous in what she does and most importantly, extremely patient in helping us understand the stressful experience that comes with dealing with real estate. We are new to this process and therefore knew we want to be very careful with who we choose and can trust so we can feel well represented. Jackie always made us feel like we are on the same team and really did everything she could to satisfy our asks. She’s not one to shy from making repeated phone calls and reaching out to other agents for us when we need. We would recommend her any day to anyone because we had such a reassuring experience!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Jackie for all your hard work in getting our house sold! I couldn't have asked for a better agent to handle our transaction and I'm so glad my parents decided to go with you instead of their original choice!! You were the right person to help us through this whole process, and boy was it a process! Our house was a fixer that hadn't been renovated or updated in 28 years. Jackie came up with a well thought out strategy, explained it to both me and my parents (in Chinese to them and English to me) and worked extremely hard to get us the best offer possible. She worked so hard that she lost her voice hosting our open house where over 400 people attended! She is very organized and took the care and time to put together information on the 40+ offers we received, and really guided us in understanding the benefits of each offer. She also assisted us in putting together a contingency plan and that helped tremendously because some things were just out of our control. Not to mention she did all of this over email, phone calls, texts and LINE messages with all of us in different time zones because my parents were overseas and I was out of state. Jackie was very responsive and on top of things all the time and definitely went over and above what I believe other agents would have done. In the end, we got $180K over list price and was able to sell our house as-is and close on time. I highly, highly recommend Jackie for your real estate needs! You will be so glad you chose her!


We were introduced to Jackie through our mortgage broker. She lives in the area we were looking to purchase a home and therefore was very knowledgeable regarding the neighborhoods, schools and local restaurants. During the home searching process, she was very on top of scheduling showings around our busy schedules. She was always available by phone or text and was great about keeping us updated. She was accurate in predicting how much houses would sell for in a very competitive market. She was proactive in reaching out to seller agents to ascertain information that could help us compose our offers. We ended up purchasing a home off-market from her personal contact, which was great because it allowed us to avoid a bidding war, but we essentially had to buy the house “as is” without any true opportunity to discuss credits for repairs. Because we are flexible with our move-in date, she recommended we offer the sellers a free lease-back which made our offer package more appealing. We have never been landlords before, but Jackie has assured us that she will help communicate with the sellers through the lease back period and help make this transition into the home as smooth as possible!

Could not have gotten this home without Jackie! 


It was a pleasure to work with Jackie, and as a first time seller, she did a great job at making sure I was comfortable and understood every step of the process. She is not only a huge resource as an agent when it comes to listing/buying a home, but is also highly knowledgeable and experienced as a designer and manager during the remodeling process. 

I would highly recommend her services, and would not hesitate to work with her again.


I've known Jackie for 10+ yrs as a personal friend and she's super sweet. Now I know she is a go-getter professional as well!! My joke with her is that she doesn't stop. The housing market is crazy and I didn't know we had to have a strategy going in. Jackie patiently educated me on the housing market. We went through a couple of properties that didn't work out (no fault of hers!) and I was getting discouraged. When we finally found a property, she jumped right in it.  Jackie is super responsive, gets things done, and makes sure we are constantly connected with the listing agent. You can count on her if you're looking for a starter home, forever home, or a real estate investment property! She does it all! Thank you, thank you!


We found Jackie through some friends who had just purchased a home in Pasadena, and she did not disappoint! She showed dedication and patience, helping us find the perfect place for us, always making time to talk us through the difficult moments, giving us honest and useful feedback throughout our home search, and driving all over town to show us homes we were interested in. After getting outbid on a couple of homes we really liked, we ended up finding a home in our desired neighborhood with more bedrooms than we had even hoped for, and Jackie helped us get an offer accepted under asking price! That's no small feat in the current Los Angeles market. We are very grateful to have had someone as skilled and experienced as Jackie help us navigate this process. We can't recommend her enough!


I truly cannot recommend Jackie enough! As first time homebuyers, we were initially very intimidated by the process. Jackie was so attentive to our needs from our very first call, and helped walk us through every step in the process. She was always available for our questions big and small, and it was very clear that she really cared about finding us the perfect home. The home buying process was stressful and emotional for us, being in such a competitive market and navigating multiple counter offer situations, but Jackie always kept our spirits high and maintained a levelheaded optimism no matter what. Jackie was able to secure us a home in our ideal location with significantly more space than we'd hoped for, all for $20k under asking, which was beyond our wildest expectations! We truly feel so grateful to have found her and look forward to referring our loved ones to her for years to come - we simply couldn't have done it without her.


My husband and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been represented by Jackie Lee during our first homebuying journey. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable, patient and proactive. She held our hands every step of the way - from introducing us to a fantastic mortgage broker to going above and beyond to make a connection with the sellers' agents. Thanks to her dedication, we were able to very quickly secure our dream home for less than asking in an extremely competitive market.  On top of the white glove service, Jackie is a wonderful person and a joy to be around. We truly cannot recommend her enough. 


As first-time homebuyers looking to buy in a lopsided sellers market, we were very nervous about the process. But with Jackie representing us, we quickly became armed with the knowledge and confidence to jump into the market. Jackie's experience and skill really gave us the upper hand. When we fell in love with a home, as though by magic Jackie got our offer accepted at below asking (and well below a number of other offers), and guided us through what turned out to be a very smooth closing process. Without a doubt, it was our excellent representation that made it happen. Jackie is an incredible asset to any real estate transaction and we can't recommend her enough.


Jackie is phenomenal, and I am incredibly grateful to have connected with her about questions on my previous lender. I reached out to Jackie because our home refinance was getting delayed, and we were not getting any help from our lender. She took time out of her busy day to fully understand my situation. She gave me some advice and proactively reached out to her trusted network and had me connected to a stellar lender that provided us with a spectacular white glove service. Without any benefit to Jackie, she followed up with me and our new lender all throughout the process to ensure that we were getting all the help that we needed. If it weren’t for Jackie’s advice and network, we would have missed out refinancing our home with a low interest rate. Jackie cared about our situation and treated us like family. I trust Jackie and will refer her to my own families.


Jackie is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and goes above and beyond for her clients! We consulted Jackie last year with questions regarding refinancing our current home so that we can renovate and build to our existing home. We were also open to the idea of purchasing a home if something comes up that we really like. She was very helpful and giving us recommendations and pointing us to the right direction. In the meantime while we were working on our refinance, she sent us potential homes that we may like. She is very responsive and puts her heart into what she does. She is the BEST real estate agent, interior designer, project manager that will go over and beyond for her clients.


I worked with Jackie Lee to purchase a condo in West LA and I couldn’t be happier! To be honest, I actually didn’t think that I would be able to purchase a condo in West LA since everything that I liked was out of my price range and seemed to go very quickly. I would see it one day, and the next week, it would be listed as “contingent.” Before looking at potential homes, Jackie connected me with to Blue Financial Group so that I can be pre-approved for a loan and know what my potential budget could be. She also sent me new listings of the condos that fit my criteria so that I can let her know what types of homes interested me. She waited patiently when I asked her to hold off on any showings until I had the initial deposit funds since I was waiting for escrow to close on my old home. Once I was ready to see the homes in person, Jackie was quick to schedule showings. When I say quick, I mean surprisingly quick for the next day! She also worked quickly to put in an offer the day I expressed a strong interest in a condo and got me a great deal on the condo as well! To ensure that unit I was interested in was a good purchase, she scheduled the home inspection for me 2 days after the offer was accepted. Jackie is a very personable person, and I will miss meeting up with her to see potential homes. She was also very kind to my parents, who would surprise me with a request to see a showing, 20 minutes before I was to meet with Jackie. Luckily, she was able to fill out the paperwork that realtors are required to submit prior to each showing for every person in attendance. You are in great hands with Jackie, who is very knowledgeable realtor and has excellent contacts and great relationships with her vendors too! In the future, if I do sell or buy again, I will definitely want to work with Jackie again


Jackie has been a amazing resource for us as we purchased our first home. She is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and goes above and beyond for her clients. She is also quick to respond to any of our questions, as well as setting up viewings. Despite looking for a home amid a pandemic, she kept a positive attitude and continued to keep our spirits up throughout the searching process. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone looking to buy their next home, especially if they are first-timers. She walked us through everything with no judgement and made sure we understood things every step of the way. She worked incredibly hard for us and we ended up getting a home that is not only stunningly beautiful, but had 50 other offers. We felt supported throughout the entire process, and she was even present during our inspections when we weren’t able to be there — truly an example of going above and beyond. We feel incredibly lucky to have found Jackie and are now moving into the home of our dreams! I know we couldn’t have made it happen without her perseverance and expertise. Thank you Jackie!


I have worked with Jackie on multiple transactions and she is the BEST!! First, she is very nice and easy to talk to, always happy to answer every question that comes up, and is always available. She's also super knowledgeable about real estate, especially in the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena areas. She was able to help get the offer accepted over 30 other offers. The market is so competitive right now. She was also able negotiate additional credits and furniture/appliances from the seller even though it's a seller's market, which was truly amazing. She was great at walking clients step by step throughout the process and you can tell she genuinely cares and has a passion for her work. She also knows a lot of about renovations and has connections to contractors so if there's anything that needs to be fixed or remodeled, she got you with that too. I would say you owe it to yourself to talk to Jackie and you won't regret it. Thank you Jackie for all your professional and expert help :)


Jackie Lee went above a beyond to the purchase of our first home. Very respectful, attentive, answered all our questions, give us all the advice we needed to make the right decision on this big purchase, Jackie is Definitely an Agent I will recommend to my family and friends, I guarantee she won’t disappoint anyone, also she is someone who we can become friends that’s actually the vibe we received while the entire process, can’t wait till we finish our projects in our new home and after the situation is appropriate to invite her over and have some drinks.


Jackie Lee is the consummate professional, not only as a real estate agent, but also as an interior designer. She made what could have been an emotional journey in selling my parents’ home an easy and exciting endeavor. Always available, immediate responses, and every question answered was my  experience with Jackie. I cannot say enough good things about Jackie. Anyone would be lucky to work with this outstanding professional


Jackie helped me find the perfect home for my family. For me, as a busy working professional, Jackie was a responsive expert I could lean on to help me navigate a process and industry I'm not familiar with. She was there with us every step of the way, helping me understand what to look for, what questions to ask, what to consider before making an offer without bidding more than we needed to, and keeping me positive about being able to find the right home without settling. I was also able to leverage her keen eye for design to make decisions on whether or not a property would take too much work and money before being ready to move into. As a first-time homebuyer, I was able to trust Jackie to guide us through smart decisions that were thoughtful, strategic, and kept my best interests at heart. In a competitive market, she was able to expertly negotiate on our behalf to win a multiple bid situation, even edging out a buyer who came in with a higher offer than mine. We are forever grateful for Jackie's help. In what could have been a stressful process, we were able to land a beautiful home within just three months time and with a relatively painless, quick escrow process. She was also able to recommend others who operate just like her, experts who really look out for their clients' interests, work hard to find you solutions, and help you make the right decisions for yourself by giving you all the information you need. Even as we go into the remodeling process before moving in, Jackie continues to be a resource by helping with recommendations for contractors and providing me with options as well as reminders about what to consider as we go through the process of selecting the right professionals to work with. I don't think I could have stayed sane during such a life-changing and stressful decision without her--Jackie helped make our family's dream come true and I highly recommend her to anyone in search of an industry expert who will look out for you in every way. She is a straightforward, honest, and caring industry expert who will make your life easier!


My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Jackie on both the buying and selling of home. She went above and beyond in helping us sell our home. Jackie orchestrated every single detail of the transaction meticulously from staging and fixing the house with minimal output to building rapport with the buyer to secure an above asking price. She provides excellent service with honesty, integrity and professionalism that is second to none. She is a treasure and you should look no further in choosing a realtor. Our family ended up with a house we adore and a friend that you can always rely on.

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