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After an in depth consultation and walkthrough of the house, we came up with a game plan that fit the client's budget and goals. After staging, photography, videography and extensive marketing across all channels, we hosted open houses and passed along buyer feedback.
I loved the creative process where my clients collaborated with me to reimagine the home for sale. I mean, seriously, who else has clients with mad Photoshop skills and can put together color combinations for consideration in less than 10 minutes?!
It was an absolute pleasure working with a member of this family again. Thank you for trusting the process and collaborating with me on such a high level.

When our client and good friend turned to us for a consultation, we knew we had to take extremely good care of her and her family. Having just lost her father a year ago and receiving notice from her long term tenant, our client needed expert market advice to guide her through the pros and cons of selling vs fixing up for rent.

After a detailed market analysis, it was decided that renting out her childhood home for the foreseeable future was the best path for the family. Given the home had not been renovated in over 30 years, we did a detailed inspection to repair and remodel so property management would be easy breezy.

The home had not been updated much in the last 30 years so we immediately went to work to put together a detailed design and project scope that would appeal to the target market audience. Our goal was to have a cohesive aesthetic while using beautiful budget friendly and low maintenance material. 

We are excited for our client to reap the benefits of a low maintenance income property. 

Our Culver City full townhome renovation is finally complete
There were so many challenges that we encountered—HOA, structural, plumbing, air ducts, supply chain delays, and the biggest doozy: planned fire sprinkler line changes that would set off the alarms of other units for 3 DAYS…..
We navigated and problem solved through it all and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product!
Thank you to my homeowners that rode these waves like a champ!

What happens when you purchase a home by a DIY aficionado? There were so many rustic and distressed features throughout that didn’t align with the design goals of my clients.
We chose clean lines and soothing colors to act as a canvas for my clients to insert fun pops of color via their furniture. In addition, the clients salvaged as much as possible to donate to local non-profits and reused as much as possible to be environmentally conscious. They also chose to use the most beautiful zero VOC paint throughout which I absolutely adore!

Dark and closed off was my first impression of Project Leonard.
The home had been largely untouched for decades and was not functioning for the family. The entry was long, dark & narrow with barely any room to store shoes and bags. The dated galley kitchen with overhead cabinetry was blocking sight lines, and the dining area doubling as a work desk was not doing anyone any favors. In addition, the living space was an odd shape with an underutilized corner housing toys the kids had overgrown.
The space desperately needed a makeover to cater to the family’s growing needs.
We talked through functionality, wishlists, aesthetics and got to work reimagining the space. After a few weeks worth of work, I’m so proud to introduce you to a modern farmhouse style, open floor plan main area that is functional and fit for entertaining. The new entry way now has ample storage for backpacks, and shoes, not to mention counterspace to set things down. The show stopping 10 foot island is where the family primarily gathers with easy access to the coffee/snack bar which minimizes counter space clutter in the kitchen. In addition, we carved out a designated work space with great sight lines into the living room so parents can have a quiet space to work while keeping an eye on the kiddos.
It was a joy to work with amazing clients and I’m thrilled that the family will be enjoying their reimagined space for many years to come!

When I was first called in to walk through the home, I noticed immediately that it had great bones: soaring high ceilings, a wonderful floor plan and great natural light. The finishes screamed 90s even though the home was built in 2003. To reach its full potential for the selling process, I knew we had to put in the elbow grease to drive interest and take full advantage of the market.
This 4bed/3bath home is light and bright with double height ceilings. Amazing floor plan with guest bedroom and bath on ground level with an additional home office that can be used as a 5th bedroom.

A project 20+ years in the making for the client, completed just in time for the holidays!!!
The first time we did the walk through, the kitchen was barely functionable:
-The old Gaffers & Sattler stove and oven had broken or burnt off knobs.
-The smell of gas permeated the house due to a leak.
-Grout on the 50’s era yellow countertops had a thick layer of unmanageable grease and dirt build up.
-Wooden windows and single pane aluminum sliding doors were not easy to use, nor energy efficient.
In less than 2 months, I’m so proud to deliver a reimagined kitchen, bathroom and laundry area that meet the owner’s needs.
First and foremost, we updated plumbing and electrical. You should have seen the build up in the old galvanized pipes.
By moving the water heater, adding more cabinetry, counter space and a peninsula we created a space that will be more conducive to entertaining. The hidden pantry will keep kitchen appliances tucked away so the countertops remain clean from clutter. The new sink has components that allow for multiple functions such as a colander, dish drying rack and a chopping board to keep the kitchen neat.

The owner turned to us for design and project management work after his recent purchase of his home. Though it had great bones, the townhome was outdated and dark. With a goal of bringing it to modern day aesthetics while keeping it cozy, we brought forth a truly timeless design.

Well suited for a bachelor, we chose material that is more masculine and easy to maintain. Being that the owner is a world traveler, we also wanted to incorporate designs that reminded him of his luxurious hotel stays abroad. The end result is something light and bright with cozy wood tones.

Originally purchased in 1949 for $25,000 and fairly untouched, I knew there was more to do than cosmetic fixes to get top value for the client who needed to sell her childhood home and fund her mom’s retirement. 

After a quick consultation, we decided on 

--removing a load bearing wall to double the kitchen space and open it to the living area

--stripping 5 different floorings in the house and unifying it with single flooring throughout

--taking out wall heaters and adding central AC/heat

--upgrading both bathrooms


--changing all the wood windows to dual pane

--clearing the unkept brush/trees in the front yard and adding drought tolerant succulents and plants for a more inviting front yard

6 weeks of work, one weekend on the market, the open house hosted over 200 visitors and received over 25 offers. Not only did we exceed the client’s expectations on the remodel but were able to get top dollar for the transaction as well.

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