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It’s hard to control the market, but we can control how we react and strategize. With clear communication on seller expectations, we set out to find one buyer who would purchase both triplexes. Despite the rising interest rates shrinking the buyer pool, we held out until the right buyer came around that would agree to the pricing and terms that the seller laid out.

During the process, the buyers hit a snag with financing. By working closely with all parties, we still managed to pivot and change the loan product while only delaying escrow by 1 day. All in all a smooth escrow for sellers, buyers, and tenants.

Congratulations to my clients on selling and to the buyers for purchasing a great investment property utilizing funds from their cash out refinance!



This was a special one. 👏

No haggle, no hassle, sold as is.



Congrats R&S on your new home!!

So excited for you to move in before the end of year and enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

We can’t wait to see how you personalize the beautiful light filled space 🪴🪻🌱



Congratulations to my client on this gorgeous newer build.

We have been looking high and low since spring but due to low inventory, the right one has been extremely hard to come by.

When I saw this home come onto the market, I got really excited. A lot of things checked off the requirement list and what didn’t could easily be remedied. 

We rolled into action immediately, scheduling for multiple viewings, building solid rapport, and structuring a sound offer.

We won against multiple offers (that were higher in price), and successfully negotiated for ALL FURNITURE to be included which got my client close to $250k in value. Not to mention all the time saved from having to shop for furniture for an entire house.



Offer accepted at $140,000 under asking for an “as is” sale

Further negotiated $60,000 off after inspections 

Closed escrow $200,000 under asking despite being in a multiple offer situation. 

We are SO PROUD of how this deal turned out for our clients and can not wait to see how they transform this fixer upper in the city of San Marino



🎉Congratulations to my clients for getting their offer accepted in a multiple offer situation!🎉

By building wonderful rapport we were able to avoid a multiple counter offer situation. Much gratitude to the listing agent for advocating for us as well! ❤️

We will start our due diligence period soon. So excited to take a closer look at this beauty and make sure she’s in good shape!

Let’s see what $175k of recent upgrades has in store for us!



This closing was TWO YEARS in the making. 

My clients had been contemplating selling their income property October of 2021. At the time, they had great long term tenants and were not quite ready to exchange the income stream to funnel the funds into their next real estate goal. 

When their tenants moved out in 2022, we touched bases again and it was determined that a short term rental would be the best next step.

Spring of 2023, we reconnected and decided it was time. With an action plan in place, we moved forward with preparing for the sale.

And then, LIFE threw us a curveball.
A special lending rate from a regional bank was now null because the bank was in financial crises. This rate was 2% lower than everything on the market and was a major incentive for buyers to consider homes in the area.

It took us 4 months to accept an offer and I’m so proud of the outcome.

We sold AT ASK vs discounting the price like every other transaction in the area.




Congratulations to my clients on getting their MOST ADORABLE HOME EVER!!!!

The details, the preserved stained glass, the custom cabinetry and craftsmanship throughout. SO SO GOOD!



Congrats to my overseas client on closing escrow today!!

10 days on the market, full asking price and no concessions. DREAM scenarios for sure. 

With so many downtown LA properties sitting on the market for months and accepting price cuts, I’m so proud we were able to excel and receive a wonderful offer with an all cash back up offer in place.



How did we avoid a multiple counter situation when the seller received multiple offers?

Was it charm? Was it good communication? Was it me dusting off my limited Japanese? 

We will never know the answer but hey! I got my clients offer accepted on a great home at a price much lower than we anticipated. 🎉

Congratulations to my good friends and clients.



My repeat clients called a few months back to let me know they needed to upgrade to a bigger home. A new baby was on the way, and we had a very definitive timeline to adhere to. With record low inventory in their small target area, everything had to be streamlined to guarantee the best outcome possible. 

We had a few misses before finding the perfect home for the family. Once the new home was inspected and contingencies removed, we immediately pivoted to prepare their existing home for sale. Decluttering, patching, packing—a lot had to be done in a short time frame to prepare for the sale and open houses.

So proud of my clients for persevering and getting everything done in record time. With clear communication, we were able to negotiate for the timeline and terms needed for the smoothest transition. I’m happy to say, not only did we exceed expectations in sales price, we also managed to create win-win scenarios for all parties.



We hosted over 220 parties over a span of 2 days and received a whopping 26 offers as a result.


Thank you to this family for their trust along this journey. 



Congrats to my client and good friend Hogan on such a smooth escrow. 🎉

Thank you for your trust during this process. I’m so so proud to say that we closed at a price head and shoulders above all other comparables in the area—IN JUST ONE WEEKEND. 

Props to even beating out a unit that had an extra bedroom one street over with newer updates!



Congratulations are in order for my clients on closing escrow for this beautifully remodeled 3 bedroom condo 🎊

Reasons this is a big win:
—We secured it UNDER ASKING price, despite being in a multiple offer situation
—Fully remodeled, everything is brand new
—End unit with a large balcony and tree views
—3 bedroom units are extremely coveted and limited in this community

I’m so thrilled for this darling couple and am excited for them to enjoy their new home for years to come!! 



Thankful for the referral that connected me with my amazing clients. The process of working with them has been extremely enjoyable. Our status update calls are filled with jokes, laughter, candidness and the occasional technological challenges.
Through all the paperwork, legal consultations, and county followups, they have kept a positive attitude and worked through all requests efficiently to ensure that we meet the timeline requirements.
We closed escrow today, and I could not be happier for my clients that got everything they wanted and more. Hard work, smart and solid investments have definitely paid off and I’m proud to have been part of the process every step of the way.



Thank you so much for your trust during this process. From preparation to offer submission, for picking up my calls despite being on set filming. Your responsiveness and speed in making decisions and getting documents signed made all the difference.
It’s incredible that we beat out multiple offers despite not having the best price.
Though there was a bumpy patch we encountered during escrow, you held on while we navigated the rough waters. With a lot of hard work, good communication and problem solving, everything worked out in the end and I am beyond thrilled that you now are calling this beautiful property your home!



Congrats to my sellers on a short and sweet 15 day escrow with no contingencies.
Thank you for your trust and being so great at following our recommendations and timeline.
I love that we received more than 10 offers, all significantly above ask, and beyond my sellers’ expectations in just one short weekend.



I’m so pleased we were able to find this gem that checked off everything off my clients' wish list and more! Kudos to acting fast to secure the home the first day it came back on the market.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. By having all our ducks in a row, not only were we able to snag the home after a $70,000 price drop, we also were able to take advantage of the rate dip that took place immediately after we entered escrow. Beating out all other buyers in the market!

I’m so excited that that the family will be in the heart of the city in such a beautiful light-filled home.



Congrats for receiving multiple offers and getting great feedback during showings. Everyone loved the home and we are so happy that we found a great buyer to take wonderful care of it.



My seller client did not anticipate the sale to happen so quickly and was pleasantly surprised that we closed above asking—all cash, no inspection!
I could have left the story at that and celebrated with emojis. But behind this success story, there was stress, and disappointment. TWICE.
We did everything we could during the pre-listing process. Wonderful photos, pre-inspection report, realistic pro-formas. To not disturb the tenants in place, we collected offers contingent on viewing the home and organized a date that worked for over a dozen parties to come see the property prior to submitting their best and final offer.
We got amazing offers significantly above asking and accepted one to ultimately not have it pan out due the buyer’s financing.
We signed another acceptance the day the 1st offer was canceled and despite having a pre-inspection report prior to entering escrow, the buyers came back demanding a sizable credit for an “as is” sale after they performed their own inspection.
While my client was willing to negotiate for repairs or credit, we ultimately could not reach an agreement and had to cancel escrow after two days of negotiations.
Because we had continued with marketing efforts and kept conversations going with interested parties, we had additional backups in place. In no time, we were in escrow once more and this time, with a buyer that pretty much did a “handshake deal” with all cash and minimal contingencies.
When I met the third buyer, he asked me point blank what my honest opinion of the property was: what needed improvements, what was great about it, and in my opinion, what pro-forma would be. I gave him my unfiltered answer and saw him return a smile. Apparently he owns multiple properties in the area and appreciated my straightforward response which was spot on in his opinion.
I’m confident that my interaction with the buyer and his agent had a lot to do with how they proceeded with their offer and how smooth the escrow period was.



We connected back in March while on spring break in Zion. Despite having only one bar of reception, we talked for over an hour about home requirements, financials, commercial real estate, investment opportunities etc. Thank you AT&T for not failing me in a National Park.
In subsequent months, we worked diligently with the lender for the pre-approval and kept a keen eye on any and all inventory in target neighborhoods. Multiple open house visits over the weekend, working around kiddos nap schedules and birthday parties—we left no stone unturned.
This stunner came on the market and we pulled out all the stops to make sure it would be ours. So happy we avoided a multiple offer situation and got acceptance within a day of submittal.
Thank you for your trust in me K&S
Grateful to be on this journey with you guys!



Congratulations to my clients on their new home in a stunning community!
It’s the best feeling when you come across great options for clients and it ends up being a wonderful fit. Real estate sometimes feels like match-making in that way. My clients had very specific needs in a small radius and I’m so proud that I was able to deliver at a time when inventory was extremely low. We not only beat out other offers that were higher, but also managed to negotiate a huge repair credit to help remodel the space for their needs.
Time to roll up our sleeves and design/renovate a space fit for their growing family.
Thank you so much for your trust in me 3000 miles away!



Congratulations to my clients for their RECORD BREAKING SALE!!!
We launched the home simultaneously with two other units within the complex and I’m so proud to say that our closing price is head and shoulders above everyone else.
By following my recommendations and only spending money where it would matter most, my clients received a stunning offer $155,000 over what another unit was able to command during the same time frame.
During the escrow process, we hit a rough patch, which was nerve-wracking. By keeping a cool head, listening intently and some quick thinking on both sides, we were able to figure out a win-win solution for all parties without stalling escrow.
Who you hire definitely matters. Preparation, presentation, negotiation, it all comes into play. Given how “strong” the sellers market is, many realtors will just put on a lockbox and let the house “sell itself”.
Is a seller leaving money on the table when they choose a realtor who takes that route? ABSOLUTELY.
In this case, $155,000…




Record breaking price not only in the community but for all comparables in the city. 

Thank you to my clients for being so amazing to work with. For heeding my advice and following recommended strategies every step of the way. You packed, painted, moved, repaired everything in less than a week. Despite injury, you both prevailed and just kept plugging along so we could keep to the schedule. I am so in awe of your perseverance. 

Team work makes the dream work and I’m so honored to have been selected to guide you through this process. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. You deserve it all 



Congrats to my clients on their ocean view home-we literally saw Catalina island the day we first toured the beauty!
There were a lot of things on the wish list: price, location, school district, ocean view, size of home, finishes, grandma approval of the kitchen and kid friendly.
So proud that we were able to check everything off the list (BAM!!!)
I’ve had the honor of helping this family twice now and I have to say, efficiency and effectiveness runs in the family. It’s been such a pleasure and I look forward to coming over for the amazing house parties!



Congratulations to my clients on landing their dream home!
I knew I had to pull out all the stops when my client tugged my sleeve and said: “I love it” after touring only half of the house~
By building a strong relationship, putting together a no-nonsense offer and demonstrating our abilities, we entered escrow avoiding a multiple offer situation.
Despite my clients being on top of the process to hit the target closing date, the collaborating side missed a crucial component that would have set us back by at least 2 weeks time. By working closely with everyone involved including escrow, title, sellers and buyers, I was able to work out a solution that would still adhere to our general timeline while protecting my clients. I was also able to secure a sizable repair credit for an “as is” sale.



2 bed 3 bath luxury loft at $6000 a month
AND rent prepaid in CASH for a FULL YEAR
Work with the best and let me take care of the rest. Congratulations to my clients who can now sit back and relax knowing that everything is buttoned up and they are set for 2022.



A good school district with great food options near work was what we set out for and I am so so proud that we were able to find just that! (Ok, I think the good food option was just in my head)
Our offer was accepted as Stan and I were on our 10 year wedding anniversary trip abroad and I literally screamed in excitement by the adult pool when I got the acceptance text and call!! What’s even more amazing is that we managed to avoid a multiple offer situation!
Despite it being an “AS IS” sale where no credit or repairs would be granted, I still arranged for detailed inspections on everything while 1200 miles away to make sure my clients were well protected. Thank you to all my fabulous vendors and associates who took the time to cover me when I couldn’t make it there personally and took copious notes for me to refer to.
Happy to report we ended up with a good chunk of repair credit and a super smooth escrow.



My clients always talked about how they would be happiest in this neighborhood for the surf, sand, school district and it’s now a reality!
By looking out for opportunities and negotiating for nothing but the best, we extended contingencies for the longest possible time for due diligence and also requested that the seller cover $20k in costs for an OFF-MARKET opportunity.
Not only that, we also managed to lock in rates .25% lower than standard which will be a savings of more than $55,000 over the course of the loan.



My clients were originally working with another team of agents that were not meeting their needs and reached out to me at the recommendation of their friends whom I had just helped purchase a home. 
We hit the ground running immediately despite wedding planning kicking into high gear. Did I mention that they were T-minus 3 months from their wedding when we connected and started looking at homes together? These two literally had hearts of steel trying to take on so much!
Because of this special circumstance, it was my utmost responsibility to make it as easy for them as possible—setting them up with a great lender, sending them listings that were relevant, providing them with my honest opinion of the pros and cons of each house we saw so they could make a sound judgement.
Despite a few good contenders, we ultimately had to push the pause button while the two love birds exchanged their vows.
9 days later, we were back on the search w the Mr and Mrs. and within a month, we entered escrow on the most darling home. Despite a strong seller’s market, with detailed preparation, sellers granted us our full request for repair credit. A HUGE WIN!!



We pulled out all the stops to make sure we had two jammed packed days of open houses and negotiated for the cleanest and best terms for the clients once offers started piling in.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your unwavering trust in the strategy I proposed to get us to where we needed to be. I take the responsibility of taking care of clients extremely seriously and could not have asked for a smoother escrow period. Onwards and upwards!!!



Congratulations to my overseas and out of state sellers for a stellar sale $180,000 OVER list price!!! Though we were physically in 3 different cities, with COVID raging abroad and government facilities not operating at 100% capacity, we still managed to close on time with a smooth transaction. Thank you to my clients for their ultimate trust in me. I know they had plenty of choices given their connections in LA and am honored to have been chosen for the task of selling their family home for retirement.

With a well thought out strategy, we hosted over 400 people at the open house, received 40+ offers and vetted the strongest candidates.

What followed truly was and showcases how you can not control anything but need to have contingencies in place to prepare for anything and everything. Our top offer backed out hours after verbally accepting. Luckily we had a back up offer that was excited to jump in. One day later I got a call from the back up buyers stating that after some thought, they too were backing out too due to the amount of work this fixer upper would be and it would be biting off more than they could chew….

Moving on, chin up, stance strong, we entered escrow with our 2nd backup and though we have experienced twists and turns, I’m so proud that a solution was thought out for every roadblock and we closed at a record price after two days of showings for a fixer upper in San Gabriel.

5_10313550_137221_EN-137221-105 copy.jpg


From getting connected to a potential seller, to the timing not working out for that particular house, then eventually getting introduced to a relative who needed remodeling help before selling to maximize the sales price.
It was a process.
After a month of remodeling work, 40+ showings in a span of 3 days, entering escrow in a week, falling out of escrow because out-of-state buyers changed their minds, then entering escrow again on the very same day….
I’M SO PROUD to say that I helped my seller garner $160k OVER ASKING, results wildly beyond his expectations.
A lot of things can go sideways during a transaction. Find yourself someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, prepared and can maneuver quickly to blow your real estate goals out of the water!



We searched high and low for the right home for months and finally came across the one that was meant to be.
I still have to pinch myself and thank our lucky stars that I was able to find a perfect off-market opportunity for my buyers in this competitive market. Thank you to the listing agent and sellers (who I just happen to know personally!) for collaborating with us on a win-win offer and for being so wonderful throughout this entire process.
In 5 short days:
I found out about the off-market opportunity
Arranged for a showing for my clients
Had a chat with the seller and agent on terms
“It’s because you are the buyer’s agent that we sold so fast” —Literal words from the seller
There are so many components within real estate that need to be just right to make it a smooth and stress free process. Due diligence, organized paperwork, a good network of people on your trusted team, the list goes on and on.
I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with wonderful folk. If you or someone you know is looking to sell or buy, I would love to have the opportunity to help them!



     My clients were clear from day 1 on what their non-negotiables were. Extremely organized and super quick to respond, the homes we toured were always on point with their wish list and they took little to no time to decide if we were moving forward with submitting an offer on anything they liked.

     It took us a few tries but I’m so happy that they are moving into a brand new beautiful home bigger than what they had hoped AND in their ideal location.

    A gorgeous brand new 3 bed 2 bath home secured within 24 hours of viewing at $20k UNDER ASKING.

Yep! Made it happen again.

     Literal words from the listing agent: “We have back to back showings today and tomorrow but you and your buyers seem great and we’d love to put this one together with you and open escrow.”

In this hyper competitive market where offers are commonly hundreds of thousands above asking price, I have been extremely fortunate in getting our offers accepted over 

others, oftentimes under asking. We actually bypassed other buyers and sealed the deal before it evolved into a multiple offer situation.



This was the very first home we saw together that was active on the market. We put our best foot forward and unfortunately didn’t get our offer accepted the first time around...
Not losing hope, I kept in constant contact with the agent and continued to check in. When the home miraculously became available again we communicated our intentions and prayed for a favorable outcome.
By having an excellent track record, stellar team work and transparent communication, our offer was accepted UNDER LIST PRICE— $30,000 below the highest offer submitted—gaining extra equity from day 1.
In addition, we couldn’t have asked for a better cooperating agent or family to purchase the home from. All throughout escrow, we found the loveliest notes during inspections, invitations to introduce us to the community and connect us with neighbors, etc.
Home buying is such an emotional journey and when folks from all sides come together bringing their best selves, it just makes the experience that much better.



I cried today. 

Happy tears. 

After a month of actively searching with my clients, they’ve finally received keys to their very first home! I am a firm believer of serendipity, of things that are meant to be, and with all the crazy coincidences that led us to today (there were so many), I am humbled and thankful that the stars aligned and gave my deserving clients their very first home.

Thank you Lisa Thong for the referral—it means the world to me and I’m so proud and honored to have the opportunity to serve your friends. Thank you to my mentor for your guidance, I couldn’t have accomplished this without your crazy network. Thank you to my lender for educating clients every step of the way. And thank you Steven Wong for always advocating me and my work.

Collectively, along with the wonderful listing agents, we are moving people to where they need to be. 

This profession is everything I ever dreamed of and more. I’m grateful each and every day to have the opportunity to serve.



CONGRATULATIONS to my long time friend on closing escrow for her beautiful condo in Brentwood!!!
With clear goals, we wasted no time and found her dream home within two days of searching. By building instant rapport with the agent, we submitted our offer after viewing the home and got accepted within 4 hours of hitting the send button. Talk about efficient!
BEST OF ALL? We snagged this beauty $10k UNDER list price in a highly competitive market. (No, it was not an all cash offer)
I’m so thrilled for my friend, not only because her corner unit:
-has the utmost privacy and lush surroundings
-is equipped with the most luxurious bathroom I’ve ever seen
-is across the hallway from the women’s sauna
-is one block away from the beautiful shops on San Vicente
Needless to say, I think I’ve won best realtor award in her parents’ eyes



Congratulations to my clients on their stunning Californian Craftsman with all the bells and whistles. I mean, who else has a speaker system in their shower?
This was a tough one with more competition than I have ever experienced. 50 offers, 18 counters with just 4 days on the market. 
In this insane seller’s market, I was still able to: 
1. secure a sizable seller’s credit for a pretty immaculate house
2. negotiate for all the appliances to stay even when they were excluded in the listing. This allowed my clients to save costs, but also relieved them of the stress of purchasing appliances which now have a 6-8 delivery lead time 
3. Rebut our original appraisal to get a $70K reversal which again saved $$$ for my clients
In addition, I’m thrilled that the buyers and sellers were able to form a relationship. Because of this we will be receiving a full list of specialists that they have used for maintaining the home over the years. I’ve personally gained a friend that I can toss design and rehab ideas around with too! Double win!
Sure you negotiate on price, repairs and all but at the end of they day, this is a life changing event for both parties and being nice to one another goes a long way. 
Today, after we met with the sellers for keys, I actually received a text message from them thanking me for being so great to work with and how they would like for me to represent them in their next transaction. What a compliment!



One of my mentors once said to me: "Think about it. For one person to choose you, out of 20,000+ agents in the area, to help them with one of the biggest moments of their life. To trust you to take care of all of that. What an honor that is, for just one person, one time, to choose you"
It's a privilege.
So pleased to have helped my buyers secure their dream home on a generous 10k+ sq ft lot today. They were originally working with a veteran agent that was not meeting their needs and connected with me to help. 
After a couple of home showings, they fell in love with this home but lost out on a multiple counter offer. Heartbroken, we continued to search for other options but nothing quite compared to the lovely home on a private street. 
Luckily, we had made such an impression on the realtor that when the first offer fell out of escrow, they immediately called us and we sealed the deal the very same day.
Never give up on your dreams, find a realtor that will fight for you relentlessly.

San Gabriel.png


A heartfelt congratulations to my dearest clients on their first home in the United States. 
Because of my client’s occupational demands, for the past 20 years the family has moved 7 times around the world. For the first time in their life, they have been in one city for longer than 4 years and decided it was time to settle in a permanent home. 
We met via phone via a referral on Oct 11, looked at homes for 2 days and found THE ONE. Today they picked up their keys and will be moving out of their rental at the end of the month. 
We are all very pleased that everything was smooth and stress free. They are amazed to be moving into a home of their dreams in their desired area in less than 6 weeks in a super competitive market.

Arcadia Bonita 2.jpg


1 year in the making

2 homes shown

3 week escrow 

Every home has a story, every client a journey. 

I first met my client a year ago-- showed him a home that was within budget but ultimately the timing was not right.

Fast forward a year later, my lender reconnected us letting me know that the client was looking to buy. After a consultation, we saw 1 home, walked into a multiple offer situation and yet managed to get an under asking offer accepted in an extremely competitive market. By streamlining the process and having an amazing team, the agent informed me that they were walking away from higher offers to work with me. 

We ultimately closed escrow—a full week ahead of schedule. Both buyer and seller are ecstatic for such a wonderful outcome. Contrary to what you see on reality TV, agents on both sides can come together to make it a drama free experience for all parties. I actually received a call this afternoon from the agent thanking me for being a joy to work with and that he looked forward to our next collaboration. 

I’m bursting with happiness that my client and his family are moving into a home that is blocks away from their current rental. Their kids will stay in the same school district and each get their own room. The parents are overjoyed that they don’t need to uproot the family to a different part of town during these trying times.



A GREAT BIG congratulations to my sellers for accepting an all cash offer with a 3 month FREE leaseback and a short escrow. With a newborn at home, they were really stressing over the process of listing their house. 

In representing the buyers, I was able to work with them to structure an offer too good to refuse during this hot market that was a sound solution to fit the needs of both parties. 

Both buyer and seller are over the moon for such a straightforward and seamless process. 

Thank you for your trust!!

Diamond Bar.png


Grateful to have the opportunity to help my friend of over a decade find her parents their dream home. 

The market has been extremely competitive due to record low interest rates and little inventory. The first house that we bid on was great on the inside but lacked the land that my friend's dad desired to plant vegetables and fruit trees. Being an avid gardener myself, I wanted to make sure whatever we found had ample sun, great expansive views and good soil. 

A month later, we all felt butterflies when we pulled up in front of their soon to be future home in Diamond Bar. The neighborhood was quiet and beautiful, the yard already had a sprinkling of veggies and fruit trees and even crazier, the layout of the interior was a model match of the initial home they wanted.

This was the one.

With a lot of hard work, we beat out multiple offers, even offers that were higher in price. 

This week, renovations are starting--



With aging parents in tow, my sellers desperately needed to find a one-story home to avoid having their parents climb up and down a flight of stairs multiple times a day. After a quick consultation and vendor connections, quick improvements were made on the home to freshen up the space. Furniture in the common areas were packed up so stagers could redecorate the space. 

We were challenged by timing as the house was put on the market during the holidays while the family was still living there but ultimately through constant marketing and open houses, we found the perfect buyer who was willing to work with our contingent timeline at thousands over asking price.

Simultaneously, that very weekend, the sellers and I had just visited a home at Hastings Ranch and it was love at first sight. To see his eyes light up with warmth and joy upon entering the home was an experience I’ll never forget. We knew we had to secure the home on their behalf and despite a multiple offer situation and a contingent offer, we were very fortunate to have our offer accepted.

It’s never easy to sell and buy simultaneously but with meticulous planning and coordination, it CAN be done seamlessly!

8th great room after.jpg


Originally purchased in 1949 for $25,000 and fairly untouched, I knew there was more to do than cosmetic fixes to get top value for the client who needed to sell her childhood home and fund her mom’s retirement. 

After a quick consultation, we decided on 

--removing a load bearing wall to double the kitchen space and open it to the living area

--stripping 5 different floorings in the house and unifying it with single flooring throughout

--taking out wall heaters and adding central AC/heat

--upgrading both bathrooms


--changing all the wood windows to dual pane

--clearing the unkept brush/trees in the front yard and adding drought tolerant succulents and plants for a more inviting front yard

6 weeks of work, one weekend on the market, the open house hosted over 200 visitors and received over 25 offers. Not only did we exceed the client’s expectations on the remodel but were able to get top dollar for the transaction as well.



As a young family with a newborn, my clients were looking for something closer to work to shorten their commute in the beautiful city of Walnut. After 3 weekends of home searching where we toured at least 6 homes in a day, we found the one. A lovely home in a blue ribbon school district, surrounded by walking trails, parks and backyard access to a green belt. 

The home had just fallen out of escrow due to lending issues and we were able to scoop it up the first day it came back on the market with a short and sweet escrow. Despite offering less than list price, I was still able to help secure my buyers a sizable credit at closing to help save costs.

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