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5 Improvements That Shout "Updated"

In the modern age of real estate, it is essential to have a renovated home in order to bring in top-dollar offers. Here are five improvements that help a home appear updated and appealing to buyers.

1. Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring offers better longevity, a more elegant appearance, and overall better real estate value. Mixed flooring material can make a home feel disjointed, however, hardwood flooring throughout a house can provide consistency and a better visual appeal.

2. Steam Ovens
Valued for their ability to control humidity and temperature, steam ovens are continually being installed in more kitchens. Not only does this new kitchen appliance increase efficiency when cooking but can also give homes an extra contemporary value.

3. Built-In Bookcases
Built-in bookcases are perfect for combining storage and style in a home, especially due to the return of reading print books over e-books. Aesthetic bookshelves have also become a popular backdrop for at-home workers while adding character and charm to a home.

4. Warmer Palettes
While white and gray remain a popular color palette, remodels and new builds are beginning to adhere to warmer color tones. Using light beiges, creams, and even shades of green helps create depth and evokes a lushness into a home.

5. Chicken Coops
After the pandemic, there was a surge in chicken coops being incorporated into more residential yards. Raising animals can give owners a sense of self-reliance and sustainability while also adding value to a home.

The farmhouse style found its way into mainstream culture in 2015 and has since remained a popular design for homes. However, its continuous recurrence has made the style overdone. To adhere to the ever-changing and newly emerging trends in home design, it is better to mix modern touches with different eras and styles to increase its appeal to a broader base and allow for change.

From the Magazine.Realtor Spring 2022 issue

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